Unit 3 Tomorrow’s worldUnit 3 Tomorrow’s worldUnit 3 Tomorrow’s world


Unit 3 Tomorrow’s world

Unit 3 Tomorrow’s world

unit 3 tomorrow’s worldreadingteaching objectives:1. to learn some information about how realcine works, why it is better than ordinary cinema, and how it can be used i n many other ways.2. to teach students the basic characteristics of a business proposal.3. to enable students to master the reading strategy and become more competent in reading a business proposal.

teaching focus and difficulties:1. knowindowsg the structure and language for a proposal.2. mastering the vocabulary of virtual reality.

teaching methods:1. listening, reading and thinking to get students to understand the text.2. pair discussion and group discussion to get students to participate in the classroom activities.

teaching aids:the multimedia

teaching procedures:step 1 lead-inshow the poster of harry potter and goblet of fire and ask students:do you like the film?can you imagine how you feel when you are actually in the film?show some pictures of 3d,4dfilms and games and ask students:have you watched any of these films?what do you feel about these kinds of films?step 2 skimmingstudents are expected to skim the text and find out the answers to the questions in part a.step 3 scanningstudents are asked to scan the text and answer the questions in part c1.step 4 detailed-readingask students to find more information about realcine by asking the question:how can realcine excite the viewers’ five senses?they are asked to fill in the chart according to the proposalsense things needed effects in realcinesight  sound  smell  touch  taste  step 5 structure analyzingask students to divide the passage into several parts and get the main idea of each part.step 6 reading strategydraw students’ attention by asking this question:what do you think of the language used in the followindowsg sentences?•i believe you will be amazed by the realcine experience, and will agree that this is an extraordinary piece of technology that must be developed further.•viewers will be surprised at how real it feels.•realcine works by making the viewers feel that they are actually in the film.•a am sure that you will agree that realcine provides a fantastic opportunity for the film-making industry.ask them to read the reading strategy and find out the followindowsg information:how is a proposal should be?what does a good proposal usually include?how to make a proposal objective?ask students to underline all the passive voices in the text to get a deep understanding.共2页,当前第1页12

Unit 3 Tomorrow’s world

step 7 discussionmaking an advertisement of a relcine film: harry potter and goblet of fire.show a piece of the film harry potter and goblet of fire, and ask students to design it with realcine.some questions are given to help.step 8 more discussion•realcine uses new technology to improve an existing type of entertainment (seeing a film). could this technology be used in schools? how could it make classes more exciting?•do you know about any other new technologies scientists are d eveloping? what are they?step 9 homework•read the passage out.•finish ex. d, e on page 44,45 in the textbook.•do ex. a1, a2 on page106 in the textbook.



Unit 3 Tomorrow’s world
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